I'm Eric, and i live in Buffalo, NY. I'm the vocalist of the band Saints & Madmen, and I'm having the time of my life doing it and my bandmates are my best friends.I Iike stupid humor, cats, and music and stuff.

Bands i like:
- Coheed and Cambria
- Oh, Sleeper,
- Showbread
- Alesana
- Rush
- Being as an Ocean
- Between the Buried and Me
- Circle Takes the Square
- The Black Dahlia Murder
- The Cure

And countless other bands. Music is cool =P



If someone ever tells you to change your clothes because they are too revealing

Take them off

Take off your skin

Grow over 50 meters tall

Kick a wall in

Become a grim reminder to humanity


"just talk to people!!!11!!!!1!!1!1!11!!!! it’s easy!!! why are you so shy???? making friends is so easy!!1!!!!!11!!!!!"


If you don’t like prog…


I feel bad for you son,

I’ve got 99 time signatures,

and 4/4 aint one

Oh wow, this is circulating again o_0