I'm Eric, and i live in Buffalo, NY. I'm the vocalist of the band Saints & Madmen, and I'm having the time of my life doing it and my bandmates are my best friends.I Iike stupid humor, cats, and music and stuff.

Bands i like:
- Coheed and Cambria
- Oh, Sleeper,
- Showbread
- Alesana
- Rush
- Being as an Ocean
- Between the Buried and Me
- Circle Takes the Square
- The Black Dahlia Murder
- The Cure

And countless other bands. Music is cool =P



"I was the last one to speak to Ivan. He made me promise to give you this."



If someone ever tells you to change your clothes because they are too revealing

Take them off

Take off your skin

Grow over 50 meters tall

Kick a wall in

Become a grim reminder to humanity


"just talk to people!!!11!!!!1!!1!1!11!!!! it’s easy!!! why are you so shy???? making friends is so easy!!1!!!!!11!!!!!"


If you don’t like prog…


I feel bad for you son,

I’ve got 99 time signatures,

and 4/4 aint one

Oh wow, this is circulating again o_0